Costco Wants Kiddieland Site

Don't Kiddieland yourself -- Costco is a-comin.

The warehouse membership club's COO confirmed Tuesday that his company's eying the former amusement park site in Melrose Park, according to the Pioneer Local.

"We are interested and have filed a letter of intent (to purchase) with the current property owners," COO Dick DiCerchio said.

Purchasing the property would require Costco to get approval from Melrose Park, but DiCerchio is confident.

"The only thing that would stop it (on our end) is if (Costco CEO Jim Sinegal) says 'no' to it. But I don't expect that to happen, and I know he visited the site a couple of years ago.”

After 81 years of family operation, Kiddieland closed on Oct. 4.

The park recently began auctioning its rides to the highest bidder.

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