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Coronavirus One Year Later: What Would You Tell Yourself Pre-COVID?

Do you remember the moment the pandemic changed everything for you?

Chicago City, Illinois: April 6, 2020. Morning during the lockdown of the city during the stay at home mandate. Chicago City empty streets under the coronavirus. City under lockdown.
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It's been nearly a year since the coronavirus pandemic forced the state of Illinois to "stay at home," emptying streets, clearing office buildings and eviscerating toilet paper shelves at Chicago-area grocery stores.

Do you remember the moment the pandemic altered your life? The moment its impact became real?

Look back through your phone's camera roll. What was the last pre-COVID thing you did? If you could transport yourself back to March 2020, what would you tell yourself about the year to come?

As NBC Chicago looks back on the past year, we want to hear from you. Answer the questions in the form below. Your answers could make it into a future story!

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