Colbert Jokes About Sex Toys at NU

Stephen Colbert has had to follow some tough acts in his career, including President Bush at the 2006 White House Correspondents' Dinner and Jon Stewart's "Daily Show"  on a weekly basis.

This time around, Colbert, who delivered a commencement address at his alma mater Northwestern University, followed a controversial sex toy demonstration.

"I saw some pictures of the lab equipment, and I'm thinking you may have been scared off sex forever," Colbert said at the event.  "It might have actually been a stealth abstinence program or a viral ad program for True Value hardware."

The 1986 communications graduate, talked about more than just salacious power tools as he addressed the class of 201 from a podium at Ryan Field. But mostly he talked about himself.

"Thanks to you, the class of 2011. You are what some have called the greatest generation, not many but some, so far just me. I’m counting on you to not make me look like an idiot by saying it."

He took a shot at the brothel law that limits the number of students that can live in the same location, but Colbert eventually shifted his subject matter to a more serious tone, offering the graduates advice to follow their dreams but be willing to adjust them should some of their goals not work out.  

"You will truly serve only what you love," said Colbert. "If you love friends, then friends, if you love community, then community... if you love only yourself, you will serve only yourself. So no winning, try and love others and serve others, and find those who will love and serve you in return."

The faux news man delivered his commencement address to some 2,800 graduates.

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