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Clear the Shelters: Hastings the Dog Finds Home After Remarkable Recovery

Hastings was adopted in May and now lives a happy life full of toys and treats with his human

Chicago Animal Care and Control

Chicago Animal Care and Control rehabilitated Hastings the dog after he was found in “horrific” condition. 

“We are so proud of our work to rehabilitate this dog. Oftentimes, Municipal Shelters are portrayed as places with minimal services and the ability to help, but at CACC that is not the case. Hastings is just one example of the intensive work we do to rehabilitate animals on their way to their new homes,” the group said.

Hastings is a 2-year-old American Pitbull Terrier mix. When Hastings was brought into the shelter he was frail, scarred and terrified. He had a collar embedded in his neck, pressure wounds all over his body and every bone in his body was visible, the shelter explained. 

CACC’s medical team, staff members and volunteers worked to heal Hastings both physically and emotionally. After a few months, he transformed into a healthy and playful dog. 

Hastings was adopted in May and lives a happy life full of toys and treats with his human.

“Hastings showed us that he only wanted to look forward, so we told him we would look forward as well - and he found a great new mom,” CACC said.

The shelter is now experiencing pre-pandemic levels of pets coming in and too often they are dogs and cats that are in awful shape like Hastings was. 

“We look forward to the day where ALL companion animals find the loving homes they deserve - being spoiled rotten with a properly fitting collar, and a full belly at the end of every day. No one should ever worry where their next meal is coming from, and no animals should ever need to fear a human hand. We made Hastings some promises and we kept them! In honor of Hastings, let's clear all the shelters this September!” CACC said. 

Chicago Animal Care and Control is a participating location for Clear the Shelters, a nationwide pet adoption drive that helps find homes for animals in need. 

Clear the Shelter begins Aug. 23 and continues through Sept. 19.

To learn more about CACC click here or call (312) 747-1408.

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