City of Wheaton Reports ‘All Clear' Following Large Police Presence in Neighborhood

Police in the western Chicago suburb of Wheaton have reported an "all clear" after directing some residents to remain indoors while officers respond to a barricaded subject, the city says.

According to a statement posted to social media from the city, at 9:40 a.m. Friday, a heavy police presence was reported in the area of Chase and Illinois Streets. The city says the presence is due to a "barricaded subject," and that "there is no known threat to the public."

"While there is no threat to the public, Wheaton Police are asking residents in the immediate area (within one block) to stay indoors until all clear is given," the City of Wheaton tweeted.

Several social media posts responding to the message indicated that residents in the general vicinity were also asked to remain indoors.

"Hope all gets clear safely, but I'm 10 miles away and am told to stay indoors," one response said.

"I'm in Naperville and told the same," said another.

About two hours later, at 11:24 a.m. the city tweeted that the incident had been resolved, and that residents no longer needed to remain indoors.

"The incident in the 300 block S Chase has been resolved peacefully and all is clear," the tweet read. "Police are leaving the area. The immediate area no longer needs to stay indoors."

Wheaton, about 25 miles west of Chicago, is surrounded by several large suburbs, including Glen Ellyn, Oak Brook and Naperville.

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