Rahm Emanuel

City Council to Votes to End Trash Pickup for Large Apartment Buildings

The measure ends free garbage pickup at about 1,800 apartment buildings with five or more units

In a bid to bolster the city's budget, Chicago's City Council voted Wednesday to end free garbage collection at large apartment buildings.

The measure repeals an ordinance that allows free garbage collection from the city at apartment buildings with five or more units. About 1,800 buildings are affected by the new ordinance.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has pledged his support for the new ordinance, which was introduced by Ald. Matt O'Shea and Ald. Carrie Austin. According to the mayor, the new law saves the city $3.3 million each year and "(provides) for more efficient garbage pickup."

Owners of affected buildings will receive a 90-day grace period to allow them to find private garbage collection services to replace the city service.

The new ordinance seeks to close a loophole in an older ordinance adopted in 2000 that exempted larger apartment buildings from paying for garbage collection until they were sold, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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