Chicago Woman Says FBI Raided Her House By Mistake, Didn't Show Warrant

CPD says it has no record of the raid, FBI says to file claim

A Chicago woman says the FBI erroneously raided her house and left with no explanation after they didn't find who they were looking for.

Rachel Rodriguez said SWAT team members broke through the door of her home on the Far South Side of the city in the 9700 block of South Avenue M. when she asked for a warrant.

"They were banging at first and they said 'put your hands up,'" Rodriguez said. "I was frightened cause I didn't know if they were going to shoot me or not."

Chicago Police officials said they have no record of the raid. An FBI spokesperson said Rodriguez can file a claim to be reviewed by the bureau's legal authorities.

Rodriguez said she was home with her fiancé when the officers stormed in searching for a man.

"They got inside, they had us sit down on the floor, they pointed guns at us," she said. "They were looking for a guy, I don't even know his name, I don't even know this guy."

Tuesday morning the FBI conducted a number of raids on homes on the Far South Side in connection with an investigation that yielded more than 30 arrests of Latin King gang members. Charges in the sweep varied from racketeering, conspiracy, assault and attempted murder.

Rodriguez said the officers left with little explanation. 

"They just left, they said they didn't find the guy, the guy's not here," she said. "I almost had a panic attack, I was crying ... I want to know why my house, and I'm hoping not just cause I'm Latino."

She said an apology would be nice.

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