Chicago Street Named After Bernie Mac

Late celebrity grew up in Englewood on Chicago’s South Side

Chicago icon Bernie Mac became a permanent part of the city this week.

With about 200 people gathered, the city of Chicago on Tuesday renamed a block of West 69th Street at Sangamon after the late comedian in the Englewood neighborhood where he was raised.

"It is just a day full of joy. I'm saying how befitting that on Black History Month that he's being honored today," said Rhonda McCullough, Mac's widow.

One of Chicago’s most well-known celebrities, Mac had an influential career in the entertainment and comedy industries. He began his comedic career at the Chicago Cotton Club. After a stint on HBO’s Def Comedy Jam and thanks to several movies and “The Bernie Mac Show," he became a household name.

Family members, former teachers, elected officials and fellow comedians were among those that paid tribute.

"To just have his wisdom, have his love, has his laughter in my life for 30 years has just been an honor and a privilege," said his daughter, Ja'Niece McCullough.

Mac, born Bernard McCullough, died in August 2008 at age 50 from pneumonia complications, after suffering from sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease. Prior to his passing, he became involved in Chicago Public Schools and local organizations.

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