New Chicago Rx Card Can Save Some Up to 80 Percent on Prescriptions, City Says - NBC Chicago

New Chicago Rx Card Can Save Some Up to 80 Percent on Prescriptions, City Says



    Chicago RX Cards Help Residents Pay for Prescriptions

    Almost everyone who takes prescription drugs is on the lookout for help paying for them, and now Chicago residents have a new option. NBC 5's Lauren Petty has the details. 

    (Published Wednesday, July 18, 2018)

    A pharmacist for 26 years, Edwin Muldrow says one things matters most to his customers.

    “Price is the only concern," the owner of Del Kar Pharmacy said. "Of course everyone wants medication for whatever … but everything comes down to price.”

    Chicagoans can now get up to 80 percent off nearly 60,000 medications through the city’s new Chicago Rx card.

    "Chicago residents can participate in the program regardless of health, age, immigration status or income," city clerk Anna Valencia said.

    The free card is available online or at any library, aldermanic office and through the City Key program.

    The city says that that new Chicago Rx card make a difference for those underinsured or those on medicare.”

    But it’s a tool for those with private insurance too.

    Anyone can go online and check to see if their medications are cheaper with the Chicago Rx card including Eric Little who takes medication for acid reflux and high blood pressure.

    “I’d be very interested because I’m on medications constantly to get better health so,” he said.

    Under current law, pharmacists like Edwin Muldrow are under a gag order, they can’t tell customers when there’s a cheaper way to pay for prescriptions.

    But the city says it will lift that ban.

    “We’re lifting the gag order here in Chicago,” Mayor Rahm Emanuel said. "If a pharmacist knows of a name brand drug that is cheaper they can now tell you."

    “Anytime you can offer people more access to quality health care it’s a benefit for the entire city,” Muldrow said.