5 Chicago Restaurants Make Biggest-Tab List

Alinea has the biggest average check in Chicago

Swallow this, foodies.

Chicago waiters and waitresses are dropping some of the country’s biggest checks on tables. Five of the nation’s 10 most expensive restaurants serve up dishes here in Chicago, Crain’s Chicago Business reports.

The upscale eateries are Alinea, Charlie Trotter’s, Tru, Les Nomades and Everett, according to a Bundle.com analysis. The other big-tab restaurants in the Top 10 are in California with three and New York with two. 

The big-tab leader is Thomas Keller’s French Laundry in California with an average check of $957.

Here’s how Chicago's luxury dining restaurants ranked with their average check size, according to Crain’s.
4. Alinea: $736
5. Charlie Trotter’s: $666
6. Tru and Les Nomades, tied: $558
10. Everest: $546

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