Chicago Ranks Among Best 15 Cities Worldwide, Top 3 in U.S.: Report

The city of Chicago is not only one of the top three cities nationwide, but also ranked among the 15 best places across the globe, according to a newly released report.

Resonance Consultancy placed Chicago No. 13 on a list of 100 of the best cities worldwide, noting the location "offers an abundance of programming and culture, with the deep infrastructure and affordability that eludes many other cities."

Chicago ranked eighth in product, which looks at a city's key institutions, attractions and infrastructure, according to the company. This could include schools, sports teams and museums.

In the programming category, which examines the arts, culture, entertainment and culinary scene, Chicago ranked No. 12.

"Its #12 ranking in our Programming category—including #7 in Culture and #11 in Nightlife—speaks to the plentiful buzz that Chicago was perfecting before everything ground to a halt," the company said.

The list added that Chicago also ranked No. 175 in unemployment, which the company said could be impacted by an estate boom in other U.S. cities.

Among cities nationwide, Chicago ranked No. 3 on a list of 100 major locations in the U.S., also earning a third place spot in product and programming.

Resonance Consultancy ranks the cities based on the following six major metrics, according to the website: place, product, programming, people, prosperity, promotion.

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