Chicago Ramps Up Road Construction Before Winter

CDOT has filled in more than 350,000 potholes this year

If it feels at times like the entire city of Chicago is under construction, there's reason for it this fall.

The city's Department of Transportation said extra construction is part of its roadwork push to reconstruct and repave city streets before the cold weather sets in.

CDOT commissioner Gabe Klein told the Chicago Tribune the department aims to repave 77 miles of streets. According to the CDOT website, the department repaves 60 miles in a typical year. 

So far CDOT said it has filled in more than 350,000 potholes, including the 3,700 that were part of a backlog since May.

It's all part of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's billion-dollar infrastructure renewal program funded by federal, state and city money. Though more road construction slows down drivers in the short term, the city says in the long run, it's better to repair than rebuild.

The good news is some of Chicago's major reconstruction projects, like Wacker Drive and the Congress Interchange, are expected to be completed by the end of the year.

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