CPS Removes 2 High School Principals After Sex Abuse Policy Investigation

Two Chicago Public Schools principals were removed from their positions Monday as a result of an investigation into how sexual abuse allegations were being handled, district officials said.

The two high school principals are Sheldon House of Simeon and Armando Rodriguez of Goode STEM.

House was removed due to the principals handling of volunteer check backgrounds, the district said. Goode was removed pending the outcome of an investigation into the school’s oversight of staff interactions with students, CPS said. Both schools have had allegations of sexual abuse, the district said.

“Every adult who serves in our district has a responsibility to protect students from harm, and CPS is committed to holding staff members accountable when they fail to uphold that duty,” CPS CEO Janice Jackson said in a written statement. “As a result of district-led investigations into allegations of sexual abuse, two CPS principals were removed from their positions today due to initial findings that suggest they did not effectively safeguard their students. Investigations into both cases remain ongoing, and we will keep the school communities updated as this process moves forward.”

Patricia Woodson will serve as Simeon’s administrator in charge until a new principal is selected.

David Gilligan, the retired former principal of the Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences, will serve as Goode’s administrator in charge.

Neither House or Rodriguez could immediately be reached for comment.

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