Lightfoot Selling ‘Stay Home, Save Lives' Merchandise for Coronavirus Relief

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is selling merchandise bearing her "Stay home. Save lives" slogan to benefit coronavirus relief funds.

The two items for sale are stickers and a T-shirt bearing the same image. The logo was designed by Chicago artist Mike Noren, the website says.

It features a cartoon drawing of Lightfoot - similar to the photo that inspired countless memes - standing by the skyline and above a Chicago flag-inspired block print of "Stay home. Save lives."

The gray T-shirt is available for $30, while a three-pack of the stickers is listed for $8. Shoppers have the opportunity to make an additional contribution, with the site saying all net proceeds will be donated to "COVID relief funds."

The merchandise appears to be a continuation of the memes - showing Lightfoot photo-shopped into various spots watching over the city - that first began popping up across social media in March as she placed restrictions on public spaces to discourage people from gathering.

Lori Lightfoot Memes Are the Laugh We All Needed Right Now

Those memes delighted many Chicago residents - including Lightfoot herself, who later released humorous public service announcements building on them, and has praised them as a way to bring people together.

"I think that this is a really difficult time and people are afraid, stress levels are high and like in any difficult time I think we've gotta have a sense of balance and humor is a big part of it," Lightfoot said in March. "So I've actually enjoyed them."

"Despite the dire circumstances, we can also see the lighter side of life, what makes us a vibrant and interesting and creative community," she continued. "So I love them."

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