Lori Lightfoot

‘America is Back:' Lightfoot Addresses Biden's Election, Chicago Celebrations Following Announcement

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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot addressed media Saturday following the apparent election of President-elect Joe Biden, calling it an important day for the United States.

“Make no mistake: America is back,” Lightfoot said.

The projection, made by NBC News and other media outlets, that Biden had won the election sparked celebrations across the country, including in Chicago. Street closures were reported along Michigan Avenue due to revelers celebrating, and several CTA bus lines were rerouted in the Loop as a result.

CTA Red and Brown Line trains were also bypassing several North Side stops as a result of large crowds in the area.

“What we understand is that the CTA made this decision because there’s a huge crowd surge up in those areas. So I think they’re trying to clear out some of the trains and passengers,” Lightfoot said. “But my expectation is that they will be reopened shortly. Those are stops that are well-served by bus lines (as well).”

Lightfoot says she understands the exuberance Chicago residents are showing, saying that the apparent election of Biden and Harris “opens up boundless possibilities” in the coming months and years.

“This election opens up boundless possibilities for the return of science, the rule of law, respect for civil rights and respect for our most vulnerable residents and communities,” she said. “I believe very deeply that we are a country with a generous and compassionate heart, and we will soon have leadership in the White House that reflects those values.”

As for President Donald Trump, Lightfoot hopes that he will eventually concede the election to Biden, saying that such concessions have been a traditionally important part of American democracy.

“I think he will get there,” Lightfoot said. “I certainly hope he will get there, but whether he says those words or not, the time has come for the transition to start. I’m confident that he will do so and we’ll do so as we’ve done throughout most of our history, which is peacefully.”

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