School Defends Restraining 4-Year-Old With Duct Tape

Boy had hands bound because he'd struck staffers, school says

A Chinatown school official said Tuesday that a 4-year-old student had his hands bound by tape because the boy struck two staff members and acted out of control.

Harold Irving said he was "stunned," according to the Chicago Sun-Times, when he arrived at the Pui Tak Christian School last Wednesday to pick up his son and found "him standing there with his hands duct-taped together."

Irving, a former police officer, said he filed a complaint with police alleging unlawful restraint and contacted the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services.

David Wu, the Executive Director of the Piu-Tak Chinese Center, which is affiliated with the school, defended the action and said the vice principal of the school "loosely taped [the boy's] long sleeve shirt sleeves together to restrain his hands" in an effort "to keep him from injuring himself and others."

In a statement, he said the school is fully cooperating with DCFS.

The Pui Tak Christian School, at 2216 S. Wentworth, has about 170 students. 


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