Woman's Water Breaks at Chicago Nike Store

Parker Jordan Sung is named after iconic Chicago basketball star

Thursday's grand re-opening of Nike's flagship store on Chicago's Michigan Avenue turned into a story one family will share for a lifetime.

Jenny Sung was one of the employees working hard to make sure everything was ready on time, even though she was nine months pregnant.

"His actual due date was today but he decided to come a week early," said Sung. "I was working up until that date and my water broke actually on the first floor here, which is the [Michael] Jordan floor, so his middle name is appropriately Jordan. It's Parker Jordan."

Parker is a happy, healthy baby at six pounds, nine ounces.

Even though he's less than a week old, Sung said she and her son just couldn't miss the opening.

"When I walked out six days ago, it didn't look anything like this. It looks amazing," she said. 

The store, in the 600 block of North Michigan Avenue, closed earlier this year to undergo a six month renovation.

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