Doctor, Healthcare Firm CEO Charged With Fraud

Feds say Mobile Doctors CEO and a physician overbilled Medicare by millions of dollars

The CEO of a Chicago-area medical company which arranged for doctors to make house calls in six states and one of its own doctors routinely overstated the seriousness of patients' conditions and overbilled Medicare by millions of dollars, federal authorities alleged.

Mobile Doctors CEO and owner Dike Ajiri, 42, of Wilmette, and one of the doctors who worked for him -- Banio Koroma, 63, of Tinley Park -- were both in custody Tuesday facing charges of making false statements relating to health care benefits.

"It appears there are plenty of people who have spoken to law enforcement, but it also appears that a lot of the information presented in the complaint seems to be unsubstantiated," said attorney Darryl Goldberg.

Federal agents earlier in the day executed search warrants at Mobile Doctors offices in Chicago, Detroit, Flint, San Antonio, Austin, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Phoenix and St. Louis in an attempt to seize up to $2.568 million in alleged fraud proceeds, according to a criminal complaint.

Though Mobile Doctors’ visits were typically straightforward and took just 10-30 minutes, the feds said the firm nearly always billed the taxpayer for complex, 40-minute-plus consultations.

The men were scheduled to make a court appearance at about 3 p.m.

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