‘This is a War:' Chicago Gun Violence Activist Becomes Victim Himself

A vocal activist who has called for an end to gun violence in Chicago ended up  becoming a victim of that violence more than a week ago.

Jermaine Kelly was shot just after 6 a.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 8 near 74th Street and Vincennes. Kelly was heading to his trade school with two fellow students when he heard the gunshots.

"I actually didn't hear the first one, and then my window bust," he said.

Initially, Kelly didn't realize that he had been hit. His friends ran over right away to help.

"It could have been real terrible... could have lost his life," one friend said. 

Kelly has been working with MASK, a non-profit committed to stopping violence in Chicago. To help keep children off the streets, he has been working with MASK's founder, Tamar Mannasseh, to build a school at 75th Street and Stewart.

"This has to be the safe haven... where you can come and better yourself," he stated. 

Although he was still healing from his injuries on Monday, Kelly said the shooting won't stop him from his goal of becoming an electrician, and saving the community.

"No slow downs, no slow downs," he said. 

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