Chicago Graduates Use Kickstarter to Turn iPhone Project Into Profit

Two graduates made a deal with Logitech over school project.

Chicago graduates Derek Tarnow, 26, and Zahra Tashakorina, 28, turned a class project into a professional innovative concept that caught the attention of technology accessory company Logitech. 

Logitech sent a message to their Kickstarter account sharing the company's interest in buying the start-up idea. This is the first time that the company has reached out to Kickstarter for new ideas, according to Chicago Tribune
Tarnow and Tashakorina invented the iPhone-case-cum-earbud-cord-organizer, TidyTilt, for a class project at the Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design. The case prevents the earbud cord from getting tangled and can be transformed into a small smart phone stand when folded. 
Tarnow and Tashakorina put the product on Kickstarter and set a distant goal to raise $10,000, yet they ended up raising $223,174. Logitech sent a message to their Kickstarter account revealing the company's interest to buy the start-up idea. 
Both inventors agreed to sign the deal. Tarnow is now at Logitech as a product designer and Tashakorina will be a consultant working for the company between Chicago and California. 
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