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Chicago Forecast: Cloudy Skies Give Way to Sunny Skies, Warmer Temperatures Sunday

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After a rainy Saturday, things will be much drier across the Chicago area Sunday, and conditions will be warmer as well as a warming trend gets underway.

Sunday will start out mostly cloudy across the region, but as the day goes on those clouds will dissipate and mostly sunny conditions will take hold for the remainder of the day. Temperatures along Lake Michigan will remain on the chilly side, only getting up into the low-50s, but further inland residents can expect highs in the upper-50s and into the low-60s, according to forecast models.

The sunny conditions won’t last however, as clouds will begin to build back in Monday. By the afternoon hours, rain showers are likely, with high temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s throughout the area.

Temperatures will remain in the 60s Tuesday, with more rain and some isolated thunderstorms possible.

Temperatures will likely fluctuate for the remainder of the work week, with occasional rain showers mixed in according to forecast models.  

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