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Chicago Forecast: Calm Morning, Severe Weather Possible in Evening

The Chicago area is at a “marginal risk” of severe weather

Rain will close out the weekend in Chicago and its surrounding areas, ushering in another day of cloudy skies and scattered thunderstorms, some of which could be severe.

The morning should be fairly calm. Clouds will likely drift past the area, paving the way for some sun to shine partly in the afternoon. Temperature highs are expected to the mid 80s, likely peaking at 84.

The possibility of severe weather looms in the late afternoon and evening. According to the Storm Prediction Center, the Chicago area is at a “marginal risk” of severe weather, the lowest of five potential alert levels on the SPC scale.

The NBC 5 Storm Team forecasts that damaging winds, hail and heavy, localized rainfall could hit the area, though the threat of severe thunderstorms is concentrated in the far southwest region, which is at a "slight" risk of severe weather, according to the SPC.

Storms will likely continue to linger over the region overnight and spill into the early hours of Monday. Overnight temperatures are expected to drop into the mid 60s.

Temperatures should climb back up throughout a partly cloudy Monday, with a forecasted high of 78.

Primarily warm, quiet conditions are expected for much of the rest of the week, though a slight chance of showers can be expected Tuesday.

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