Chicago Crime Commission to Meet With Justice Department Staff

The Chicago Crime Commission says its members were scheduled to meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions' staff on Monday in Washington

The Chicago Crime Commission will meet with Attorney General Jeff Sessions' staff in Washington, D.C. Monday to discuss the violence plaguing the city of Chicago. 

In the meeting, members plan to propose new federal legislation on gangs, guns, and drug offenses. They also hope to discuss with Department of Justice officials the possibility of establishing more youth programs across the city, as well as law enforcement manpower issues, and hate crime prosecutions, according to Andrew Henning, General Counsel of the Chicago Crime Commission.

“As the voice of Chicago’s business community, we are pleased to have the opportunity to meet with Attorney General Sessions’ team to share with them our plans to combat crime in our Great City,” Henning said in a statement early Monday morning.  “And we look forward to sharing ideas and plans with the Justice Department to make our city’s most dangerous neighborhoods safer and to offer to assist the Department in any way we can.” 

The meeting will be held Monday morning at Main Justice in Washington.

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