Chicago Area Could See Record-Breaking Temps This Week

The average high for this weekend is only 35 degrees

The Chicago area could see record-breaking temperatures this week.

Clouds will break Wednesday morning to open up to sunny skies and although we could be seeing rain and storms later this week, it will drastically warmer than it should be for the middle of December. The average high for this weekend is only 35 degrees.

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Byron Miranda is tracking a lot of snow for tomorrow. Check the current projected totals for your area ---->

Posted by NBC Chicago on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Extended Forecast:

Wednesday: Some clouds, haze and patchy fog this morning, but clouds will thin for mostly sunny skies; mild conditions for the season with afternoon highs between 47 and 52 degrees.

Thursday: Skies will range from mostly cloudy to partly sunny through the day; windy and even warmer with a high of 59 degrees in some areas. Record high for Dec. 10 is 62 degrees.

Friday: Partly sunny skies become mostly cloudy with a few showers developing late afternoon or evening; breezy and continued mild for the season. High of 57 degrees in some areas. Record high for Dec. 11 is 61 degrees. 

Saturday: Partly sunny to mostly cloudy, breezy and unseasonably warm with a showers possible. High of 59 degrees in some areas. Rain develops overnight. Record high for Dec. 12 is 61 degrees.

Sunday: Rain, likely to be heavy at times, a few thunderstorms possible; windy and warm. High of 59 degrees in some areas. Record high for Dec. 13 is 67 degrees.

Monday: Cloudy with showers likely in the morning, but clouds break for partial sun in the afternoon; windy and much cooler. Highs in the low to mid 40s.

Tuesday: Partly sunny, breezy and cool, but temps remain above average. Highs in the mid 40s.

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