How to Avoid Getting Snookered with Office Spaces


Working at home, as I do, always sounds glamorous to my clock-punching friends. But really, it's just a case of the grass being greener, because sometimes I do miss the day-to-day human interaction you get in an office.

But that itch can lead people astray and cause them to settle too quickly when seeking out a neutral space to work in. You can get stuck paying fees you didn't expect or be insured by a contract you didn't understand?

So how do you assure that you're actually seeking out better digs, or greener grass, and not browner pastures? A post posted on Thursday has some of the answers.

The post points out seven potential problem areas inherent to any situation where you're renting office space. For example, do you know if you'll be able to sublet your space? If you don't, that's a problem: "[T]he lease should specify that the landlord's consent should not be 'unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed. Further, the procedures around subleasing should be clear and easy to follow."

There are lots of other things to watch out for, like making sure you pay close attention to building rules. Otherwise the broken windows theory comes into play -- if all you care about is your own little corner of the building and things go astray elsewhere, it spells bad news for everyone. So speak up if you see something that seems weird or off or unfair.

And while you're at it, read the full post over at

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