A Peek Inside Nike’s Chicago Store


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Nike's store at 669 N. Michigan Ave., which means you've probably walked by it more times than you realized -- although it did just reopen on Sept. 27.
The Nike Chicago store is home to memorabilia exclusive to our city, "including mascots and logos representing more than 40 local high schools and professional sports teams."
Why, yes, that is a chandelier made of balls.
And it couldn't be a Nike Chicago store without Michael Jordan. The store is home to a complete collection of Jordan footwear on display -- reportedly the world's largest selection.
Alex Molden is one of two Nike+ trainers featured in the game. He's a certified Nike trainer and nine-year NFL veteran.
Nike+ Kinect Training works across platforms with the Fuel Band and Nike+ GPS app to help users accumulate NikeFuel points. The game has only been out for about a week, so numbers aren't yet available on how many users it has or many cumulative points the world has amassed.
Marie Purvis is the title's other trainer, and both can lead you into multiplayer challenges against your friends. It's the platform's first title video chat so you can egg each other on in real time.
The game took two and a half years to make and also helped make this image possible. (From left: Certified Nike+ Kinect Training user David Wolinsky, certified Nike+ Kinect Training trainer Alex Molden.)
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