A Peek Inside: Funding Feeding Frenzy


The Funding Feeding Frenzy is Chicago incubator VentureSHOT's day-long event intended to give local startups the opportunity to demo their product or service. A select number are given the chance to pitch to a panel of investors, and those in the crowd, for their chance to get funded. Each company is given 10 minutes to present with 15 minutes of Q&A from the panel, at which point panelists determine whether the company is "fundable", "still fishing" or "go fund yourself". The day wraps up with awards to those companies panelists deem did the best job and have the best chance at getting funded.

Check out this recap of VentureSHOT's Funding Feeding Frenzy from June 26, 2013 -- the first of two events this year.

Jennifer Fortney is president of Cascade Communications, a boutique virtual PR and marketing communications company in Chicago focusing on small business and startups. In her 15+ year career she has worked with some of the top Fortune 500 companies and a wide variety of small businesses and startups across the country. A journalism major with music minor from the University of Kansas, she is also the PR Instructor at SCORE Chicago and founder of @MyStorySource live media pitch feed on Twitter and Facebook. @SmallBizPRXpert

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