WATCH: Joakim Noah Goes Off in Sacramento

Joakim Noah goes off after being ejected in the third quarter of Monday night's game against the Kings

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If a picture speaks 1,000 words, then this video of Joakim Noah launching profanities toward the three officials working Monday night's game in Sacramento is priceless.

Noah was assessed his second technical foul late in the third quarter. Before he left the court, the fiery center made sure that whatever fine he was going to be assessed by the NBA for his actions, was worth it.

See for yourself:

After the game, Noah – who will most likely be fined heavily by the league – apologized for his actions.

“I’m really disappointed. I shouldn’t have acted that way,” Noah said. “I apologize, I’m sorry to all three referees out there. They’re out there trying to do their jobs and I should never have said the things that I said. I hope they accept my apology and I hope I can move on from this.”

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