Chicago Bears

Eagles vs. Bears: A Look Back at the Iconic ‘Fog Bowl'

A thick fog rolled over the stadium, and a playoff game got immediately eerie

The Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles have had several high-profile games in the NFL postseason, but none ever compare to the game the two teams played 30 years ago.

That game, played on New Year’s Eve in 1988, took place at Soldier Field, and took its place in NFL lore thanks to the abysmal conditions in which the game was contested.

During the second quarter of the game, a thick fog rolled over Soldier Field, and from there, chaos ensued. Players said after the game that they couldn’t see the sidelines, TV cameras struggled to follow the action on the field, and officials were even forced to announce the down and distance to help the audience in the stadium.

NFL Films released an epic video about the game, describing the atmosphere in the stadium and what caused the tiny fog bank that ended up enveloping the whole field.

Surprisingly enough, Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham threw for 407 yards in the game, but didn’t throw for a single touchdown as he turned the ball over three times.

According to Pro Football Reference, Cunningham’s performance is the only time since the AFL-NFL merger that a quarterback has thrown for over 400 yards and zero touchdowns in a postseason game.

Ultimately the Bears won the game 20-12, as a Neal Anderson touchdown and a pair of field goals by Kevin Butler helped Chicago to the victory.

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