Brett Favre Tailgates With Da ‘Superfans' in Hilarious Video on Bears-Packers Rivalry

The game marks the start of not only the Bears’ 100th season, but the league's centennial season

Editor's note: NBC 5 will have continued live coverage from Grant Park throughout the day Sept. 5. Tune in live here or watch in the player above.

What is a double doink?

If you ask Da Superfans, that answer is “when Brett Favre is sacked and intercepted on the same play.”

Bill Swerski’s Superfans, known for appearing on “Saturday Night Live” before meat-covered tables while discussing the legacy that is Da Bears, joined the former Packers quarterback to discuss the teams’ rivalry in a hilarious video previewing the NFL's season opener in Chicago this week.

The game marks the start of not only the Bears’ 100th season, but the league's centennial season.

The video from NBC Sports shows Favre joining the iconic fans outside of Soldier Field, where they appear to be tailgating with large piles of chicken wings, ribs, bacon and other meats.

“I thought I smelled some aged cheese,” George Wendt says in the clip as Favre walks up. “Have a seat. Join us. You’ve got to be some kind of masochist to come back here, my friend.”

In the video, Favre offers a peace offering – a porkchop – but he failed to realize that the carrot on top would make the Chicago meat-eaters, who say they are on a “full keto diet,” cringe. Don’t worry, they replace it with a piece of bacon before offering him a “keto burger” made of a meat patty sandwiched by fried chicken.

The group then moves on to discussing the history of the Bears-Packers rivalry, which will be on full display Thursday as the two teams face off in Chicago.

Favre argues that the Packers already celebrated their centennial season after starting in 1919, a year which Robert Smigel calls an “historically atrocious year.”

As they continue to discuss stats, the superfans bring out their “computer” Mary Pat, who has an audible Chicago accent and renames the Lombardi Trophy “Da Ditka Trophy.”

Favre then argues that Chicago is still living in 1985.

“Can you imagine someone just bringing out their tired old act and milking it year after year after year so they can squeeze every penny out of it?” he says.

The fans have no reply and simply say “moving on.”

They ultimately call out Favre for being “no stranger to making a buck out of your likeness” and then tell him to use something he’s actually known for – “back-breaking interceptions,” which they have chronicled in a “Brett Favre Interceptions Calendar.”

Eventually, Favre throws Mary Pat towards the stadium, but she is intercepted by a bird.

“Time to start a new calendar my friend,” they say as the clip ends.

The game is set to take place on NBC at 7:20 p.m. CT. 

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