Chicago-Area Residents Seek Help to Return Home After Grand Princess Cruise

At least 21 passengers onboard the Grand Princess tested positive for the coronavirus

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Three Chicago-area women and a fourth friend who were on board the Grand Princess cruise ship are asking for lawmakers' help to return home following the travel nightmare.

The ship, which arrived at a port in Oakland, California, on March 9, carried at least 21 passengers who had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Gail Egan, of Homer Glen, her sister and two friends, were among several passengers who were taken to Dobbins Air Reserve Bace in Georgia and placed under quarantine.

While at the base Saturday, Egan described the conditions as deplorable: dirty bathrooms, a lack of soap, shampoo and even toilet paper.

The Homer Glen resident said some passengers have been able to leave the base and be quarantined at home due to help from their state and local leaders.

"It just starts to get to you," Egan said. "We are treated with such indifference like we don't matter."

However, Egan said she, her sister and friends will be quarantined at the air reserve base unless elected officials are able to intervene.

"It's very disheartening that we as human beings are treated more like criminals than we are being under a quarantine," Egan said. "This is the United States of America."

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