Chase Cardholders Claim Cards Declined During Lolla Purchases

Many Lollapalooza fans attempting to purchase three-day passes during Tuesday morning’s sale ran into a big a problem when their Chase Bank credit cards were rejected during their purchase.

Dozens of festival fans took to social media claiming their cards were declined during the highly anticipated ticket sale event. A Chase representative said the error was the result of a "systems issue."

“Due to a systems issue, some customers were unable to purchase Lollapalooza concert tickets today," a Chase spokeswoman told NBC Chicago in a statement. "We have since fixed the issue and apologize for the inconvenience. Customers should contact us if they have questions or concerns.”

Mike Fontanetta said he and his family were trying to buy tickets the moment they went on sale at 10 a.m.

Fontanetta said one of his attempts went through and he filled out all the necessary fields to purchase passes.

“All of a sudden it comes up and it says card declined,” he said. “So we try again, I use a different Chase card, it comes up again.”

Concerned, Fontanetta tried again on another web browser and a different computer.

“Declined, declined, declined,” he said.

Fontanetta said his daughter also tried to get through and her card was declined.

In a phone call to Chase, the suburban Chicago father said a representative told him many cards were being declined for fraud protection.

It appears Fontanetta and his family weren’t alone. Several Twitter users quickly started posting on the social media site to complain about the error.

Fontanetta said he was ultimately given extra points from Chase for the inconvenience.

“It really doesn’t get us into the festival,” he said.

Three-day passes sold out in less than an hour Tuesday. Single-day tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. Wednesday, four hours after the lineup for the music festival is announced.

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