Anti-Obama Protests Begin Despite Cardinal's Objections

Cardinal George: I was misquoted

Francis Cardinal George said he's been misquoted as urging protests against Notre Dame's invitation for President Barack Obama to speak at this year's commencement ceremony.

But that hasn't stopped a pro-life group from going around the country to protest the school's invitation.  Signs with images of aborted fetuses and others reading, "Would ND invite Pilate after he condemned Christ?" and "Gov. Quinn is not a good Catholic if he supports this," were provided to protesters by Operation Rescue, the group that organized the rally, held in the Loop today.

During his appearance on WTTW's Chicago Tonight, George said he doesn't want protests, but many Catholics don't approve of Obama's position on abortion and stem cell research.  The university should not disinvite the president either, George said.

"The university will probably have to try to enter into conversations about how they understand their own responsibilities to the Cathlic community," George said.

Notre Dame Trustee and Azteca Foods owner Art Velasquez had his business picketed Tuesday by pro-life activists seeking to have Obama's commencement speech cancelled and the N.D. president, Father Jenkins, fired.  Velasquez, who is pro-life, said he would take the protesters' message to the trustees, but he believes the president should be allowed to speak at Notre Dame.  If Obama does speak, Velasquez said he'll be there for it.

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