Cardenas Endorses Chico

Ald. George Cardenas endorsed mayoral candidate Gery Chico Wednesday in a sign that Chico will emerges as the consensus favorite for latino voters.  

"He's the real deal," Cardenas during the announcement in both Spanish and English. "He's part Mexican, part Lithunian, part Greek, and God knows what else."

Ald. Joe Moreno, who was also at the event said: "he's building a stronger delegation." 

Chico used the opportunity to talk about his plans for Chicago.   

"I will take this city in a new direction," says Chico.  

A tracker for Emanuel also attended the event and recorded the news conference.  Emanuel did reach out to Cardenas as well, but the alderman decided against endorsing him.

Chico seemed to notice Emanuel's presence.  

On public schools - a dig at Emanuel - Chico said "if you're going to run "  - for mayor " should have kids go to public schools."   

Chico's children attended public schools.  Another mayoral candidate M Tricia Lee also here says "its a fantasy of mine to run."(No Kidding!)

Chico also touched on a Chicago casino "enough locations in our city - discussions have to be made - dont want to squander this opportunity - Chicago should own this." 

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