Cafe 5: Sliced Brisket Recipe

In this segment of Dishing With Chicago Chefs, Barry Sorkin, founder of SMOQUE BBQ, shares his recipe for sliced brisket. 

The recipe comes ahead of the Windy City Smokeout, which runs July 13-15 at Grand Avenue near the Chicago River. 

Sliced Brisket


12-14 lb brisket - Certified Angus Beef

1 cup of rub per brisket


- You want to make sure to use good meat, we use a Certified Angus Beef

- Trim the raw brisket

- Generously season the brisket with a rub all over on both sides ensuring full coverage with your choice of rub

- Smoke the brisket at 225 degrees for 12-14 hours

- Remove the brisket to a tray, wrap in foil and let it rest

- Slice and serve to your guests

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