Burger King Brews a Coffee War With Mickey D’s

Burger King's coffee will sell for $1 to $2.79

Candice Nguyen

Swallow this whopper …

Burger King is going grande (and tall and venti).The nation’s no. 2 burger chain plans to sell Starbucks’ Seattle’s Best Coffee brand in more than 7,000 restaurants across the United States by September.

“We’ll be delivering a better cup of coffee,” said John Schaufelberger, senior vice president of Burger King’s global product marketing and innovation.

The King will offer hot or iced coffee with optional vanilla or mocha flavor and whipped topping for around $1 for the basic stuff to $2.79 for more fancy-pants fare.

The move could set up a “Joe-down” with Oakbrook-based McDonald’s, which has staked a fortune on it’s McCafe line of coffee drinks. It also adds a wrinkle to the McDonald's advertising push that has taken aim at Starbucks coffee because the King is in the mix. 

“Together, we are making premium coffee far more accessible than it has ever been,” said Michell Gass, President of Seattle’s Best Coffee, LLC.

A recent article published in Chicago by the NPD Group found convenience drives daily food choices for one in three adults.

Burger King hopes the move will add to the “HAVE IT YOUR WAY” philosophy.

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