Frustrations Remain High as Illinois Budget Impasse Continues

From aldermen to workers in social service agencies, frustrations are high as Illinois lawmakers continue to inch toward yet another session without getting a new budget deal worked out by May 31.

“The General Assembly has been in a ‘no change mode’ and it’s hurting everything,” Governor Bruce Rauner told a meeting of business leaders on Thursday.

The General Assembly has moved toward a budget deal in fits and starts, but with a deadline looming at the end of the month, no agreement has been reached as the state continues to operate without a budget.

In the face of the discussions, key individuals and groups are voicing their concerns, including Democratic candidate for governor Amaya Pawar.

“We’re going to every single county in the state and talking about the issues around criminal justice reform, universal child care, and education funding,” the alderman told NBC 5.

While Pawar will lay out his case to voters in a series of public events beginning this weekend, other candidates in the governor’s race are already opening up their pocketbooks. Both Rauner and J.B. Pritzker are running advertisements in the race, and Rauner got a substantial $20 million contribution from Chicago businessman Ken Griffin this week.

Even amidst the war of words escalates, there is still some hope that a deal can get done.

“We should never give up on getting a balanced budget,” Rauner said. 

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