Bring Your Guns to Church

Guns for cash saves lives

Chicago is amping up its annual guns-for-cash program with a push for owners of illegal firearms to drop them off at a nearby church.

No questions asked.

“Every illegal gun taken off the streets is potentially a life saved," said Chicago Mayor Richard Daley today urged Chicagoans to turn in guns, in exchange for cash.

"Today I'm asking all residents of Chicago to turn in their firearms, no questions asked," Daley said.  "Every parent, every institution, and every person shares this responsibility."

The annual turn-in event which has led to the removal 18,000 guns from Chicago streets since 2005.  Under provisions of this year's program, those surrendering assault weapons will earn $100, handguns and rifles will bring $50, BB guns and replicas $10.

There are 27 places of worship that have been designated as turn-in locations [English List (.pdf) | Spanish List (.pdf)].

If you need more information please call the CAPS Project Office at 312-745-5907.


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