Brian Urlacher Says Goodbye to Being Bald

“He’s known for his leadership, his hard hits and above all else – for being bald," the new video says. "Until now."

Former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher spent 13 years with one of the most well-known bald heads in the NFL, but now that all is behind him.

Urlacher stepped out this week with a brand new look, mainly being a thick head of hair. But it wasn’t grown naturally, he admits. He’s boasting about a procedure he had done called RESTORE.

“[My friend] told me all about how simple it was, but my first reaction was, “Hell, no!’” Urlacher says in a new promotional video for the product. “Then, I started thinking about it and wondering what it would be like to have hair. I really felt that my buddies my age with hair looked younger.” [[364248901, C]]

Urlacher’s career with the Bears came to an end after the 2012 season when the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement on a contract extension.

The relationship between Urlacher and the organization was decidedly sour after that, with the former linebacker openly criticizing head coach Marc Trestman and GM Phil Emery in his role as an analyst for Fox Sports.

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