Burning Mad Woman Torches Ex's Car

Police say Burr Ridge woman torched ex-boyfriend's car

Renae Jaime must have been really pissed off, although The Southtown Star claims she was simply carrying a torch for an ex-boyfriend.

Police in Joliet say the 27-year-old woman left a blazing trail of evidence that led to arson charges when she allegedly set the guy's 1995 Cutlass on fire last month.

The man's car went up in flames outside his home in Joliet at about 2 a.m. on Jan. 24.

"A neighbor saw her Honda blocking the victim's driveway ... before the fire broke out and wrote down the license plate," Deputy Chief Patrick Kerr said.

Kerr said the witness gathered more evidence when he visited a nearby gas station where he told the clerk his neighbor's car had just been set on fire.

"The clerk told him a woman had just been in to ask for a book of matches ... buying a gas can and a gallon of gas, saying she 'Wanted to kill her husband,'" Kerr said, noting the suspect and victim are not married.

The neighbor told police what happened and detectives reportedly linked a credit card receipt and video surveillance to Jaime.

On Tuesday, detectives went to Jaime's residence in Burr Ridge to arrange an interview at the Burr Ridge Police station.

Following that interview, Jaime was arrested on a charge of arson and booked into the county jail.

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