Boy Recovering From Possible Coyote Attack

Residents in the Austin neighborhood are keeping a close eye on their children after a 3-year-old boy was bitten around three weeks ago, possibly by a coyote.

Emeil Hawkins and his mother's boyfriend, Bryce Kyle, were walking home from the store in an alley near Madison and Mayfield when the attack happened.

"Him, living with dogs himself, he goes to offer the coyote a fruit snack, they coyote hissed and yelped at him," Kyle said.

The attack left a dollar-sized bite mark on the boy's face.

Animal control officers trapped four coyotes at nearby Columbus Park. The coyotes weren't found to have any rabies, but were put down because they were living in the park.

Emeil underwent several rounds of rabies shots and will need plastic surgery.

"He's actually been recovering well ... he's been a soldier through the process," Kyle said.

Officials say it's important to remember to never approach or feed a wild animal, never let your pets roam unattended in the backyard, and if you are faced with a coyote, to stand your ground and make noise.

County animal control officials plans a community outreach to educate residents in the area about coyotes.

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