Blago Atty: Obama Subpoena Would Make My Career

Sam Adam Jr. compares subpoenaing Obama to marriage, birth of kids

Former Gov. Rod Blagojevich's lawyers said today they're considering calling President Obama as a witness, defense attorneys told NBC Chicago.

Blagojevich attorney Sam Adam Jr. said Wednesday the former governor's defense team has made a request for information regarding last year's FBI interview of then-President-elect Barack Obama because it is considering whether to call the president as a witness in the June trial.

Adam Jr. seemed positively giddy at the prospect.

"I can say this," he said outside the courtroom. "Other than the birth of my children and the marriage to my wife, other than that, professionally I can't think of a more astounding moment in a person's career.

How many people have done that ever? Perhaps seven who've got to depose President Clinton, and I actually have the chance of the most famous president, one person I respect tremendously, voted for, to be able to get him and sit him down and watch him testify truthfully? It would be a monumental step in a career. And I look forward to it if it happens."

In a Friday filing, Blagojevich's lawyers asked prosecutors for an early return of "notes, transcripts and reports" of FBI interviews with Obama, his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, White House adviser Valerie Jarrett and union chief Thomas Balanoff.

In a report made public last December, then President-elect Obama disclosed that he, Emanuel and Jarrett sat for interviews and explained contacts his staff had with Blagojevich's office.

Neither Obama nor his staff is accused of wrongdoing.

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