Group Plans Chicago Starbucks Boycott Over Philly Arrests

After a video showing police arrest two black men at a Philadelphia Starbucks went viral, outrage continued to grow, with protests reaching Chicago.

Nonprofit organization The Black Star Project announced plans to boycott Starbucks in Chicago beginning Wednesday.

The group planned to organize roughly a dozen people at each of 10 locations across the city to distribute materials shedding light on the issue of racial discrimination.

The boycott comes less than a week after police officers handcuffed and removed two men from a Philadelphia Starbucks on Thursday, an incident captured on video that quickly spread on social media.

Authorities said officers were called to the store after the men, who have not been publicly identified, remained in the Starbucks after they asked to use the restroom, but were denied because they hadn't bought anything and refused to leave. They were later released after the company declined to press trespassing charges.

Widespread outrage prompted Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson to issue an apology, calling the video "very hard to watch" and promising to "be better."

The Black Star Project planned to stage boycotts to help people understand privilege as it relates to corporate America, the organization said in a statement.

The Starbucks locations where protesters will gather include the following Chicago stores: at 200 West Adams, 25 East Washington, 231 South LaSalle, 21 South Clark, 227 West Monroe, 444 North Michigan Avenue, 35th and State Street, 71st and Stony Island, 55th and Woodlawn and 4355 North Sheridan Road.

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