Biking and Texting May Soon Be Banned

It may take superb balance to pull off, but texting bicyclists could soon face fines while riding on city streets.

A proposal making it illegal to talk or text on a cellphone while bicycling was endorsed by a panel of aldermen Monday, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The proposal, which faces a full city council vote on Wednesday, would impose fines as high as $500 on bicyclists caught using their phone without a hands-free device.

If approved, the ban will go into effect next month. The fine for a first offense would be $20 to $50, and fines would increase for each subsequent offense. If the offense came during a traffic accident, the fine could go as high as $500.

The proposal was put forth by Ald. Margaret Laurino (39th) who said the measure was "common sense" and that she has actually "seen people riding and texting with both hands."

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