Best States to Take a Road Trip This Summer

Minnesota and Ohio are the top Midwestern states for road tripping, according to WalletHub

School is out and summer has officially begun, meaning the season of road trips is here.

In celebration of the season, the personal finance website WalletHub ranked the best states in which to hit the open road for a decent cost. The study ranked all 50 states by the cost of driving and lodging, the quality of the roads and the number of attractions in the state.

Illinois took the unenviable spot of No. 25, but a few states within reasonable driving distance came in at the top.

Minnesota ranked No. 3 overall and came in first place for the safety and condition of its roads. While the Mall of America, located just outside of Minneapolis, is probably the state's most well-known attraction, Minnesota offers several other great stopping points for the road tripper, including one of the state's 10,000-plus lakes.

The second highest rated Midwestern state is Ohio, which was ranked No. 5. Also lauded for the safety and condition of its roads, Ohio ranked slightly higher than Minnesota in the "fun and scenic attractions" category, too. Top attractions in the "Buckeye State" include the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cedar Point, an amusement park.

No other Midwestern states made the top 10 list, but for those willing to take a longer drive to another region of the country, Wyoming and Colorado took the No. 7 and No. 8 spots. Both states ranked best in the driving and lodging costs and attractions ratings.

The top 10 states ranked by WalletHub are, in order, Oregon, Nevada, Minnesota, Washington, Ohio, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, North Carolina and Idaho.

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