Best Chicago Hot Dog Stands, According to Chicago Magazine

Best Chicago hot dog stands were ranked on modest and honest ambiance, natural-casing wieners, non-hot dog menu items and location within the city limits, according to Chicago Magazine

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Chicago has fully reopened and foodies get to once again enjoy all that Chicago has to offer. The city is known for its hot dogs, but what is the best hot dog stand to visit? 

Chicago Magazine ranked the top 10 best hot dog stands all around the city. They ranked based on modest and honest ambiance, natural-casing wieners, non-hot dog menu items and location within the city limits. 

  1. Redhot Ranch/35th Street Red Hots

Its first spot opened in 2005 and earned the number one spot for its consistency, simplicity, and cheap prices, Chicago Magazine said.

Redhot Ranch has three locations around Chicago- 3057 N. Ashland Ave. in Lake View; 2449 W. Armitage Ave. in Logan Square; and 500 W. 35th St. in Bridgeport. All three stands have an old-time feel, according to Chicago Magazine. 

The hot dogs are described as “juicy” and “beefy” served with mustard, relish, sport peppers, and onions. It also comes wrapped with fries, which are hand-cut and double-fried, Chicago Magazine said. 

They also offer cheeseburgers, and crispy fried shrimp. 

  1. Vienna Beef Factory Store & Cafe

This location is part hot dog stand and part shop. Nearly all the ingredients are made at the Vienna Beef factory across the street, Chicago Magazine said.  

It is located at 3847 S. Morgan St. in Bridgeport. 

  1. The Original Jimmy’s Red Hots

This hotdog stand has been in the corner of 4000 W. Grand Ave. in Humboldt Park for 67 years, Chicago Magazine said. Some of the staffers have been working there for decades. 

  1. The Wiener’s Circle

Known for yelling at its patrons and its hotdogs, the Wiener’s Circle got fourth in the ranking. 

Customers can get their local-classic char dog topped with grilled onions and well-seasoned hand-cut fries for $10, Chicago Magazine recommended in their ranking.

This hotdog stand is located at 2622 N. Clark St. in Lincoln Park.

  1. Superdawg

This hotdog stand is located at 6363 N. Milwaukee Ave. in Norwood Park serving as the city’s last drive-in, according to Chicago Magazine. 

The unique hotdog stand delivers a nostalgic experience beginning with food being toted to your car and the hot dogs on the roof, Chicago Magazine said.

Their specialty food item is the Superdawg, priced at $6.75.

  1. Dave’s Red Hots

Dave’s Red Hots is the oldest stand in Chicago. It has been around since 1938, according to Chicago Magazine.

They are located at 3422 W. Roosevelt Rd. in North Lawndale offering their red hot served with fries for $3.10. 

  1. Fatso’s Last Stand

This hotdog stand has two locations at 2258 W. Chicago Ave. in Ukrainian Village and 1982 N. Clybourn Ave. in Lincoln Park. They offer the char dog and fried shrimp among other menu items, Chicago Magazine said.

For the rest of the list, head to Chicago Magazine.

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