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Bears QB Justin Fields Surprises Fan Who Survived Humboldt Park Shooting

Scott Morrow was shot by a stray bullet while walking to a friend's place last month near Kedzie and Division

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One month after nearly losing his life, a devoted Chicago Bears fan got quite the surprise from Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

Scott Morrow, who was shot in June in Humboldt Park, said he couldn’t die before seeing the team's newest quarterback take the field. So, when the Bears got wind of his story, the team arranged a special visit.

“Justin and his parents came out to visit. Super kind of them and gave me a signed jersey, and we talked for a little while," the Bears fan said. "It was really nice."

Morrow said he’s grateful to be alive for the special moment given what happened to him last month.

“Everyone was still out celebrating,” he said, recounting the shooting. “The Puerto Rican Pride was still going on that weekend. Streets were full. Sidewalks were full.”

The music writer had his headphones in at the time and said he was walking to a friend’s place near Kedzie and Division when gunshots went off. A woman believed to be the intended target was shot in the head. One of the stray bullets hit Morrow in the back.

“I kinda passed out. Cops found me, woke me up looked me over and said, yeah, I see a bullet hole here,” he said. “So, they got an ambulance for me. Rushed me to the hospital.”

While in the ambulance, Morrow said a million thoughts raced through his mind from his mom, his young niece and nephew and even the Chicago Bears.

“I was thinking about my mom, my family, and then all of the things I wanted to do in life still and see,” he said. “One of those things included, you know, seeing the Bears have a franchise quarterback.”

Morrow spent weeks recovering in the hospital and underwent surgery after losing his spleen, kidney and part of his pancreas.

“I’m very lucky. I’m very grateful,” he said. “The bullet just hit me an inch from my spine--it could have been so much worst.”

Morrow jokes now and said Fields pushed him to survive so he can live another day in order to see the quarterback play this season.

“We have reasons for hope again around here in Chicago as sports fans,” he said.

Morrow said he hopes to attend a Bears' game this season. As for the shooting investigation, police believe the female victim was involved in a minor traffic crash before she was shot. Police have yet to make any arrests.

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