Bears Fans' Trailer Catches Fire

Brothers James and Lloyd Weddington got off to a rough start as they traveled to Soldier Field to tailgate in their “Bears-mobile.“

The brothers, who have been Chicago Bears season ticket holders for 50 years, were driving on the Dan Ryan Expressway near 43rd Street when their trailer caught fire.

“We’re driving down, we’re getting ready to go tailgate, all of sudden we start smelling smoke and it just blazed up,” said James Weddington.

James Weddington said the fire was believed to be electrical and that his beloved tailgate vehicle is likely beyond repair.

“That was our Bears-mobile,” said Lloyd Weddington. “We loved this thing.”

Despite the blaze, the brothers said they still planned to attend the game and support their team.

“This is out, but we’ll still go to the games,” James Weddington said.

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