Lake Villa Man Stabbed to Death in Jacksonville, Florida

He was fatally stabbed one block away from the hotel the Bears were stay at

A Lake Villa man who was in Florida the night before the Chicago Bears faced off against the Jacksonville Jaguars was stabbed to death at a restaurant early Sunday.

William Pettry, 42, was stabbed during a confrontation involving two other people at an Irish Pub in the downtown area called the Jacksonville Landing, according to a report from NBC Affiliate WTLV in Jacksonville.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office responded at 1:40 a.m. to Fionn MacCool's with Homicide investigators, the report said.

One suspect was arrested at the scene, but his identity was not released, said the report.

The stabbing happened one block away from the hotel where the Bears were staying.

For the second straight week, Bears fans flocked to see their team on the road.  Fans crowded the team hotel & poured into the outdoor party area in downtown Jacksonville last night before the game.

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