Band's Stolen Tour Van Recovered, Gear Missing

Brooklyn band hopes to recover $25,000 in stolen belongings

A Brooklyn band found their stolen van Thursday night, but they won't be able to perform anytime soon.

The band, Go Deep, has been on the road for nearly six months and had just finished the Canadian leg of their tour, but it all went downhill in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood Wednesday when their van was stolen.

Not only did the thieves make off with the van in broad daylight, they also stole the five musicians' instruments, passports and all of their personal items.

"They took all the computers and all the guitars, hard drives, anything that seems like they could flip easily," band member Danny Rico said.

The band posted their plight on their Tumblr page. Joe Rieman happened to read about it and later spotted the van.

"Completely random, out of the blue. I'm like, 'Holy cow, that's the van,'" Rieman said.

The punk rock group estimates they lost $25,000 worth of amps, guitars, recording equipment and personal belongings. And they don't have insurance for any of it.

"The real loss was my guitar. I've traveled the world with this guitar. I do have other guitars, but it's like my face, almost," band member Joshua Lozano said.

To make matter worse, the group spent three months in LA recording a full-length album called "Fear," the contents of which are also now in the hands of the criminals.

"I started recording it in my loft in Brooklyn six years ago," Danny Rico said. "It's basically everything I've put my heart into the last six years, and it's gone."

For more information on how to help the band, a Paypal donation has been set up at

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